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It's been a while

Well it's that time of time again! Paul and I are in the final stages of insecticiding our clothes and stuffing our packs and trying to break into our own combination locks.

The plan is this: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam. 75 days. 3 border crossings. Some beach, some rivers, some lakes, some sub-zero mountain towns (Can't think why) and some runs diaries volume 2.

This time round we're armed with a spanking new Nikon D90, bringing you the latest in photomatica and filmographity. Let's not forget two iPods totalling 160gB, two laptops (tiny ones) with another 40gb between them, and three, count them, three 16gB SD cards. Who said we'd be on holiday!?

So stay tuned and live vicariously through us as we tread the path untrod. Well it's probably well trod, but nowhere else will you find such regular and informative blog entries.

2 days till launch


Anonymous said…
Best of 'bon voyages', Paul and Bec. You get the prize for lightest backpacks! It's raining as you fly out to asian adventures extraordinaire... here's to sunny days ahead, somewhere and everywhere. love, lindac & co xxx

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