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Failed Excursion

You may have noticed the adorable cat head sauce jar things from our photo post yesterday. Today I went on an excursion to see if I couldn't purchase these cat head jars myself.

Paul, uninterested in kitchenwares, stayed in his hammock and let me venture off on the nearest moto in search of the cat head jars at the central market. I scoured the kitchenwares section and found hello kitty sippy cups, pudgy duckling kitchen bins, good luck waving cats and winne the pooh coffee grinders but no cat head jars. I returned to my friendly moto driver with a sigh, and he says did you find what you were looking for? And I say no, no one has it! So I get to explaining exactly what I was looking for and he of course thinks I'm a nutter and I try to explain that the foodstalls have some in use already. So he suggets I go ask the nice food ladies where they got them from and I explain that I don't speak khmer. So this nice moto driver offers to translate for me and facillitate my search for cat head jars. A two second conversation reveals that food lady got the cat head jars from Vietnam when she went on holiday there.

Gargh! I just came from Vietnam!! I wasn't privvy to the ins and outs of the conversation, but my guess is she holidayed in Saigon as its the closest.

Should anyone know where in Vietnam I can purchase these cat head jars please let me know. I am on a mission.

Here is the photo one more time:


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The sale of this tee paid for about two thirds of a night at the following guesthouse.

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