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Vang Vieng

Man this place is awesome. Did you that water in it's natural state was originally clear? As in see-through!? After gazing at the muddy Mekong so long I was beginning to doubt clear water as a myth. But the river here in Vang Vieng has set me straight. You can still see the rocky bottom at two metres deep. Not to mention the fish.

We have a great room with hot water and a doona (yay!) and are about to set out on a cave exploration expedition. Tomorrow we will most likely be tubing the 3km stretch of river which is miraculously lined in bars serving buckets of beer and stuff. It will most likely be a quick for me and Paul :|

Stay tuned for many a photo of fabulous scenery and stuff.

Vang Vieng


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Guesthouse Review

The sale of this tee paid for about two thirds of a night at the following guesthouse.

NHU Guesthouse
Saigon, Vietnam
$8 USD per night


A sign!
A precarious three story climb up ladder steps.
Two single beds (can be pushed together!)
Hot and cold water showers
An adorable basin
A balcony
A bird's eye view of the alley
Cable TV
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Saigon Again

Four days in Dalat and we can't wait to get home. One afternoon in Saigon and suddenly we're in no hurry. We found (were shown by a crazy lady in a blue shirt with a badge on it) an awesome little guesthouse down three alleys, each one smaller than the last. We're up three flights of tiny ladder stairs (I have no idea how we're going to get our bags back down!) in a room with cable tv and hot water and a tiny balcony from which we can jump to three of the neighbouring buildings. Two opposing fans create a nice tornado above our bed. This is good as it is really hot again. Saigon apparantly has two seasons, wet hot and dry hot.

There are two long term guests staying in the other rooms, a Canadian on the second floor and an Australian on the first.

Tomorrow we will eat as much Pho as possible and maybe take a sun sauna. Good for the complexion.