Bec and Paul are trundling through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia until school is back in March 2009. They insist on keeping a blog despite the facebook thing being much more likely to attract any interest.


Tena Bungalows, Don Det

My second sale for the trip! Earning me a profit of $10.70, the kind and wise purchaser of this tee paid for four night accommodation on the tranquil island of Don Det, one of the 4000 Islands in the very south of Laos.

Tena/Tana/Thana Bungalows (the signs were all different)
Don Det, 4000 Islands, Laos
20,000 kip (US$2.50) per night


Private balcony with two and a half hammocks.

A window, with glass!!! This is rare on Don Det, Ijust want to point this out. If you're lucky enough to get a window, it's usually solid wood, for airing, not lighting, purposes. But we got glass! At no extra cost!

An on-property spa complex.

An electric light bulb (also rare). Electricity is availaable between 6pm and 10pm.

A mosquitio net (only slgihtly dusty). Let's also take the opportunity the look at that glass window again! Also note the amount of natural light! We stayed in one other bungalow with a wooden window, no light and solid wood walls. Bring a torch, day or night.

No top sheet (byo) but you do get a lovely blanket. This is just enough to keep you thinking "Why am I so bloody cold" coherently. Wear clothes

Full bar and restaurant overlooking the mighty Mekong.

Tropical garden setting.

Only a minute's stroll from the busy city centre.

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