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Toarmina sicily, the unimaginable

On thursday I went to Taoramina, possibly the most beautiful beach i have ever seen. it is north of catania, prolly about 1 hours drive. Ric was in Rome for a meeting so his assistants husband( Marcello) took me- how random! The people in sicily are SOOOOO friendly. Marcello was a gentle sicilian man of 52, who instructed me to think of him as his father today. Indeed in my heart he will alwsy be my surragate Italian father. We drove the winding and scenic road to Taormina, parked and hit the beach. It was a pebbled beach, set between to hills, out of this world stunning! I swam in the clear waters, sat in the warm sun and wondered if this was heaven. you would have to see the photo to know how beautiful it was. Marcello is such a character and had numerous views to give me on Sicily and Italy as well as some advice on men. It was quite a site on the beach- this older Italian man, with this young blonde girl, and he later told Ric and us over dinner and he felt like a paedophile, and people must have thought he had a hell of a lot of money! This made us all laugh imensly, - sicilians have such good nature and humour. After the beach we went to the town, up the hill, and had Aranchino - traditional italian food which is rice ball fried with meat and cheese inside- DIVINE! this was followed by pistacio icecream, possibly the best i have ever tasted. ahhh Italian food is just indescribable. that evening we went back to catania, enjoyed meal with ricardo, his family, Marcello and his wife. It was an amazing day


enrico said…
Hey Michelle,

great post!! I like you enjoy this week i'll add it to my Sicily travel stories of the Week. Best regards

P.S. Did you visited the bar Turrisi in Castel mola?

Best regards
chalk said…
Hey Michele we got your postcard! The crew says Hi and sorry we're too lazy to comment. (The blog address is on the white board!)
michele said…
yeah you lazy people! hehe just kidding,- the blog is more so I can have a record of what I did and then look at the photo,s and print my blog when back in oz - so sorry if its slightly on the boring side! but keep the address up!!!! xo

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