Bec and Paul are trundling through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia until school is back in March 2009. They insist on keeping a blog despite the facebook thing being much more likely to attract any interest.


i'm a Portu-Gal

Well I am now in trusty old expensive London.
I wish i had more time in the amazing Portugal. Lisboa is a funky city, really in touch with today's trends in music and fashion, the countryside is beautiful, you have untouched forest and pristine beaches, tiny villages and friendly folk! It is interesting that the Portuguese don't dub their foreign TV shows they use subtitles allowing most of the population to learn English, this made it alot easier asking for the tinned corn at the supermarket!
While in Lisoa, we visited the western most point of Europe, it was like standing on the edge of the world!
We partied a few nights, one night we went to a private party for the band 'tv on the radio' another we spent in the old district drinkin beer with the locals on the street which is the most popular thing to do in Portugal.
The buildings in Portugal are famous for their hand painted tile exteriors, the whole facard of the building is covered top to bottom, very beautiful!
We had such good luck with our hosts here in portugal....and everywhere really....but the Portuguese are amazing people. We stayed with Pedro in Lisboa and Claudio nd Nuno in Porto. Pedro and Claudio are friends and are from the madiera, a Portuguese island in between Africa and Portugal. It was quite lucky that we got to stay with Claudio as our original host cancelled and we had nowhere to go, but Pedro called Claudio and he took us in...what a top guy, Claudio and Nuno even took us for guided walks around the whole city of Porto, so much history, so beautiful!
Portugal is amazing and you really have to see for yourself....there is so much to write that I won't bother...just go!


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