Bec and Paul are trundling through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia until school is back in March 2009. They insist on keeping a blog despite the facebook thing being much more likely to attract any interest.


Guesthouse # 9 Siem Reap

I recently made a sale of this t-shirt on redbubble, which earnt me $10.70. This sale paid for nearly two whole nights accommodation while we were in Siem Reap. Here is a photo review of said accommodation so the buyer can enjoy their charity more fully.
Number 9 Guesthouse
Siem Reap
US$5 per night.

ensuite bathroom (toilet paper and towel supplied)

two large beds with silk decoration (just like the hilton!)

chill-out area/restaurant with: pool table, hammocks (although get in fast as staff are swinging in these most of the day) bucket chairs and electic mosquito racket hire.

media library

movie theatre

and swimming pool

Thanks to the buyer for their kind purchase :)

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