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Which hammock should I sleep in today? The decisions one must make while at the lake.

I don't have much to update you guys with lately. I've been alternating between banana-lounges, bucket chair things and hammocks over the past week or so. Today it was a hammock. #9 Guesthouse (and sister) really have to be experienced, I can't describe it properly. There is pretty much no reason to leave, so maybe you can understand why I haven't been blogging much. There's no wifi at the guesthouse, but it's not the kind of thing you think about once you're there. Seriously. Guys, if you ever come here you should find #9 lakeside. I'm speaking to the younger people here. Maybe the adults might not appreciate the $5 rooms (they're a bit on the simple side) and would rather splash out for something over by the river, but once you're here, the only time you're in your room is when you're asleep... and I've been sleeping a lot outside too, so maybe you won't spend any time in your room at all. The sister guesthouse is quieter and the rooms are a little better, but basically the same thing.

I gotta be honest, I didn't like the look of the rooms when I arrived, and a while back we had to tackle the biggest damn huntsman I've ever seen, but it really grows on you. Has anyone seen the movie Hostel? (I know it's probably a bad comparison to use, but whatev.) Well, #9 is pretty much like the fantasy hotel that lures you in at the start of the movie (without the unisex showers) - there's the frequent wafting smell of weed, and bean-bag chair movie room (I say room, but there's no walls) constantly playing Pulp Fiction (actually no one has watched Pulp Fiction, but it's on the DVD wall.) and Swedish girls wandering around. If we disappear forever, then you can probably figure out what happened to us. The only thing is, because we never leave the guesthouse, we end up spending about 5 times our room price on food.

When I first got to Cambodia I was adamant that I was going to go see the killing fields and visit the museums dedicated to preserving the evidence of the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge, but I've fallen into this lifestyle that consists of little more than getting out of bed and wandering to my hammock. The killing fields feel like another world away. Maybe I'll buy the DVD instead.

I guess we should upload some photos or something. Well, not today. I'll take one of our stupidly oversized shower and upload it tomorrow, I'll try to make sure someone is in there for scale, otherwise you might not appreciate how really stupidly large it is. It's such a pity there is only one shower head in there.


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Guesthouse Review

The sale of this tee paid for about two thirds of a night at the following guesthouse.

NHU Guesthouse
Saigon, Vietnam
$8 USD per night


A sign!
A precarious three story climb up ladder steps.
Two single beds (can be pushed together!)
Hot and cold water showers
An adorable basin
A balcony
A bird's eye view of the alley
Cable TV
A table!

Guesthouse Review

The sale of this tee paid for about two thirds of a night at the following guesthouse.

Nice Dreams Guesthouse
Dalat, Vietnam
$11 USD per night


Complimentary buffet breakfast.

Homely kitchen.
Early morning sunshine.Banana pancakes!Snazzy bathroom with NO ventilation and a funny smell.
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A nice chair and a not external window.
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Four days in Dalat and we can't wait to get home. One afternoon in Saigon and suddenly we're in no hurry. We found (were shown by a crazy lady in a blue shirt with a badge on it) an awesome little guesthouse down three alleys, each one smaller than the last. We're up three flights of tiny ladder stairs (I have no idea how we're going to get our bags back down!) in a room with cable tv and hot water and a tiny balcony from which we can jump to three of the neighbouring buildings. Two opposing fans create a nice tornado above our bed. This is good as it is really hot again. Saigon apparantly has two seasons, wet hot and dry hot.

There are two long term guests staying in the other rooms, a Canadian on the second floor and an Australian on the first.

Tomorrow we will eat as much Pho as possible and maybe take a sun sauna. Good for the complexion.