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Christmas Eve

So far it's business as usual in Sihanoukville on this hot hot hot Christmas eve. People working on the beach keep updating us on the proximity of Christmas day - without them I think it would have slipped our attention maybe. There's also the odd scrap of tinsel hanging off some trees.

In honour of my mother I have decided to force Paul into a Christmas day lunch at Mick and Craig's - an awesome restaurant run by a couple of Australians (we think). For fifteen dolla we receive fresh tomato and basil soup, stuffed baked eggplant with parmasan cheese, roasted potato, pumpkin, beets, sweet potato, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and apple crumble for dessert. If I can't eat it all I will put the leftover's in my shoe or something because I love roast veggies so much.

I would also like to take the opportunity to blow the whistle on Paul The Traitor (please refer to him as such from now on) who keeps ordering meaty dishes full of meat. I have sampled said meat to see if it is really worth it and so far have only been slightly tempted by a quarter of a slice of sausage that came with Paul The Traitor's english breakfast. Damn it was tasty. That said, I won't be abandoning my cause.

That is all for now.


Jane said…
hi bec and paul merry xmas
Jane said…
Dear Bec and Paul,
Had a great xmas here today, the food was fantastic. Mum was stressed to the max but we managed to pull it off OK. Missed you, it was strange without you here. Hope you are having a fantastic xmas where you are and hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. Lots of love, Colin, Anne, Taylor and Ashea
Jane said…
hi bec and paul, this is helen speaking from montmorency on xmas day...meant to ring you guys before you went away..sorry, this did not happen...lost your phone no...aagghhh...anyway, hope you are having a great time in cambodia....saw it on the television the other day and it really looks very interesting...we are all here having a great day...the little boys have just arrived and they are a delight....your mum did a wonderful job of the food and grandpa is sitting here with a smile on his face just stroking meg....we are all full and happy....grandpa and I are going back to rye tomorrow for another week maybe until new years day....we have already spent a few days down there ....well, better go now....hope you both have a great and kisses...helen XXX
Jane said…
Hi gorgeous girl - Bec and your fella - Paul. Hope you are both having a great time - haven't read anything about your trip - it's the end of Christmas day - full belly and tired. But I will read up about your adventures soon... Merry Christmas to you both xxxx love Beth (and Bruce)

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