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so i'm here in Stochholm! weather is nice and this is one cool city!
I am staying in the student accomodation here in one of the universities, i am really lucky because i have my own room with internet, bathroom and cooking facilities and it is all gratis! My mate Tim is studying here and his canadian friend has gone on a euro tip until sat and i have his room, after then i'm in with Tim.
First impressions of this country are mixed, i really like it here but it isn't as neat and anal as i had expected. The countryside is beautiful, really differen't to the europe i have seen and there is water everywhere, really lovely. Stockholm itself is made up of several islands, i think tomorrow we are going to go an a ferry and see some of the other islands. Today we explored the city and within half an hour of sitting down saw someone collapse and get taken away by an ambulance then someone across the road get arrested! but that is nothing to base this city on, it is really beautiful and i can't wait to get more of a vibe for the city



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