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so i'm here in Stochholm! weather is nice and this is one cool city!
I am staying in the student accomodation here in one of the universities, i am really lucky because i have my own room with internet, bathroom and cooking facilities and it is all gratis! My mate Tim is studying here and his canadian friend has gone on a euro tip until sat and i have his room, after then i'm in with Tim.
First impressions of this country are mixed, i really like it here but it isn't as neat and anal as i had expected. The countryside is beautiful, really differen't to the europe i have seen and there is water everywhere, really lovely. Stockholm itself is made up of several islands, i think tomorrow we are going to go an a ferry and see some of the other islands. Today we explored the city and within half an hour of sitting down saw someone collapse and get taken away by an ambulance then someone across the road get arrested! but that is nothing to base this city on, it is really beauti…

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Proper Paris Post!

So i am here in the Netherlands now, staying in the beautiful city of delft, it is like a fairytale, little houses, canals, very pretty.
It has been almost a week since i left paris and i haven't written a proper post, so here goes.
My week in Paris was fantastic, Jacques and Adrian were very good to me, They were living in a 1 bedroom flat with Adrians cat Limba in southern Paris. Almost the whole time i was there the weather was perfect, since we were practically nocturnal it was handy that it didn't get colder than 20 degrees at night.
Paris has so much on, it is a sensory overload. You can get any cuisine, hear any music and the architecture is as diverse as it comes.
The first full day in paris i spent with Jacques and his friend Oliver at a music festival held at a university, was great, we drank punch and beer and watched the bands, had a boogie, they also had fire breathing and capoiera.
After that we had a bit of a tour around the attractions of paris, we walked up to the …


well i am a bit delayed on my paris blogs, this is for a few reasons; first is the french keyboard letters and punctuation is all different and in unfamiliar places (i did try, it took me like 10 minutes to write a sentence), the next reason is i didn't really have the time, but now i will try and recall all the fun and excitement of glorious Paris!

actually here is proof that i did try, i found this draft saved, i thought i lost it when the PC crashed...yay, i'll leave all the mistakes to prove the insanity of the keyboard!

So i am here in amazing Paris staying in the apartmnt of Adrian and jacques, friends i et in seville. I have only been here 2 and a bit dys but i've dne so much and i feel like i hqve been here a week .
The flight was greqt, but arried i pris to find thre was a trqnsport strike on. It was quite hilarious watching all of us french illiterate tryig to zork out what was going on with the rail employees belting out istructions in french and about 30 of us fr…