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hello hello

not sure if this is actually going to save or not- bec? anyway will use and try and see!
the flight to london was long and tedious. I was, however, blessed with the mens national rowing team on my flight and seroiously considered joining the mile high club.......kidding! anyway after what seemed like days (about 30 hours from take off in melbourne) I arrived at heathrow airport. I was picked up by my lovely host Gill, for some down time in Weybridge, just outside London. I slept for about 3 hours, got up and was completly disorientated. spent the day attempting to stay awake, and feeling semi "hungover." It was all sunny and bright in london, and so wierd that it was still light at 9pm. at about 7pm i went to this country estate gym with Gill, was very swank, rolling hills and sauna's, spa's; pools etc. Was running on the treadmill listening to my powderfinger on my when I noticed that it was 4am in melbourne time on my ipod, lol - this would be the only time I would be doing something so strenous at this time of the morning, unless i was hitting the dancefloor. anyway went to bed that night thoroughly exhausted after about 5 hours sleep over the last 48 hours and slept right through till morning.

Today i organised all my stuff for malta after sicily and looked up transport for stansted. then i went to this regional park, its huge and absoultly beautiful. it was wierd because it all seemed so familiar, and i found myslf transported back to being 7 years old and living through those numerous english summers. London is so green and leafy compared to melbourne, it like something out of pride and prejudice. tomorow i leave for ireland ealry in the morning, can't wait! Today I think I woke up and realized that i am on the other side of the world and its not a dream any more - i am doing it baby!!!!!!


chalk said…
Yay, Michele's first post! It's so exciting to hear from you! The household says Hi, and sorry for letting those strangers have sex in your room. Keep posting!
Pauk said…
Yeah... those stains are gonna be a bitch to get out.
michele said…
yes well I knew that you lot couldn't be trusted, lucky i know a handy trick for wine stains..... sure everybody is partying it up now after exams, and bec is missing watching the daft weather women with me in the morning! I lle be having a guiness soon and saying cheers to the gang at 88 Neill Street. :)
Hayden said…
go michele!!

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