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back in VN!

Well after like 13 hours catcing buses, we are in saigon, not for long though as we are about to catch another bus to nha trang! i must say it is great to be back in VN the people here are just so lovely, we even had a vietnamese guy buy us dinner before we were even in the country.
When i get to nha trang i'll take some time to update but for now the bus calls... :(


Anonymous said…
Have a good time in Vietnam. My friend Mike (you've met him) now lives in HCM City. He rang the other day and asked when WE were going. I said you were there. Let me know if you want to catch up with him on the way back....GF XX
chalk said…
Vietnam Vietnam!! Have you been ripped off yet? And why the hell are you catching the bus to Nha Trang!? Train it, baby! How's the weather? How long will you be in the country? Where did you stay in Saigon? Can you see the blog (it's yellow now!) or is it mysteriouisly unavailable again? Anyway, I KNOW you can upload photos from Vietnam, so do it already. Man, suddenly my day job is more boring than I thought. I'm jealous! Anyway, keep us posted!
Pauk said…
Are you going to catch up with Theresa while you're in Saigon? I think I have her email if you have time before you head off again.
Pauk said…
By the way, we're still working on a new design. Bec's been fiddling with colours as you may have noticed.

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