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Ko Chang!

Well now i am at Ko Chag Island, just near the border of thailand and cambodia. I will start a few days back as i have neglected the blog somewhat.
Well i had to say goodbye to my Kiwi friend, she is sucha lovely girl, can't wait to catch her in the UK.
I met up with sam in the evening after Mandy left and it was really ood to see her. I used to work with her in the basement and get boozed up on a frida night together at the lounge. We met at MBK and he took me around, i was comletely lost, and so what sam and she has been there before this is how large that place is. I bought myself a few things like an extra bettery for my phone...just in case. i also got a bag which i really needed and an ipod charger. I am really regretting not getting some ipod speakers, they would be perfect here.
After MBK sam took me for a woner around some of the nearby shopping places, Siam square was great, i bought a funky necklace!
I had a bit of a run in with the toilet at the local starbucks, do i spra…

It's me again!

So Something really amazing happened to me!
Just as i was thinking i would have no friends here until kaz arrived, someone just happened to be looking at the same shoes as me,...Mandy!
not dissimilar to our faithful pal Kaz she is of New Zealand origin and is a barrel of fun! We had both arrived at Bangkok on the same day (both solo travellers) and checking out the neighbourhood when we met!
I then took her to see my 120 ($5 AUD) room complete with fleas and seamen stains on the mattress when she offered me to stay in her luxury room for free! she had already paid for a twin room!!
So we have had heaps of fun today at the massive market and when i say massive i mean like so big that you can walk in and never find your way out again!
this evening we went to china town and the people there are so lovely, we sampled heaps of cured meat and eel and fruits! a total sensory explosion

i am off for now, paying by the minute!!

Claire Bangkok

Woah Bangkok!

So he i am! After a 9ish hour flight I have arrived safely and have made my way to the most dingiest fleapit of a guesthouse. I am a little lost as to what to do with myself. I have so much to do yet i don't know where to start.
There are a few things that stand out for me, the first is the traffic. It is much more sedate than Saigon, people drive on the left side of the road AND some motorcyclists actually wear helmets!!! wow
Well i think i might go for a walk around for a bit and write a little more later on. gotta get me a simcard!


Claire Bangkok

Leaving the Nest

Ah, shit. Claire is at it again. No time to even post an 'I'm off' blog. Packing an entire house of hoarding into a few flimsy boxes, I (bec) ask her how she plans to disappear it all before her flight in 24 hours. 'aw . . . my parents will do that'. Ah Claire. Stick around sai-gone and wait for some words of wisdom from Bangkok, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Bangkok, London and Manchester, as our little girl grows up in football kicking, warm-beer drinking, bed-linen manufactring capital of the world.