Bec and Paul are trundling through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia until school is back in March 2009. They insist on keeping a blog despite the facebook thing being much more likely to attract any interest.


Zi plays the boingy thing

What's this thing called?

Zi plays the boingy thing on Vimeo

Timelapse - Clouds on Vimeo

Timelapse - Bad Spring Rolls on Vimeo


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't know. it looks like a home-made 'sound device' using ppart of a bamboo. Similar environment where Australians play Waltzing Matilda using a gum leave.


chalk said...

I can't play Waltzing Matilda with a gum leaf! I didn't even know the words when I found myself singing it in Nha Trang . . .

Anonymous said...

Source of Gumleaf as a musical instrument see: N.H.Fletcher, “Australian Aboriginal musical instruments: The didjeridu,
the bull-roarer and the gumleaf,” Proc. Stockholm Music Acoustics Conf.
2003, SMAC-03, pp. 201–204

Pauk said...