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We Live!

So we successfully navigated our way around three airports and made it to our guesthouse in Saigon. It's down a small alley which is frequented by people on bikes singing about what they have to sell. Water bread fruit etc. Not far from a park where heaps of kids play a mutated form of hackey sack involving springs and feathers. I know I've seen this doo-hicky somewhere else either Nepal or Melbourne . . .

It is hot hot hot and who would have thought? My fingers are sticking to the keys. The rain we heard so much about has come and we might need to buy an umbrella or maybe a garbage bag.

Our room is nice and there IS room to swing a cat, so we're happy. Navigtion is a bit wierd, but we're only new so we might catch on. Inter-district travel is our next hurdle.

Hot and Sticky,


Anonymous said…
hi bec sounds l;ike everything is going ok.
can you put some sort of itinerary together for me. Include dates etc

chalk said…
okay . . . we hope to visit Paul's third cousin's former roommate (or something) today, we hope to take a daytrip to the mekong delta ($8us!) tomorrow, and then we hope to catch a night train the day after to Nha Trang. That's the beachy place. After some vague number of days there, we'll train it to Denang and bus it to Hoi An, then Bus to Hue, then train to Hanoi, then train to Sapa (via Lao Cai) then back to Hanoi, then daytrip to Halong Bay, then back to Hanoi where we will buy a propaganda poster and fly home. On the 11th of July, we will definately be 2km north of Hanoi, visiting the Sponser family. Uh, thats it at the moment. We don't know how long we will stay in each place, but 4 days would probably max us out. We'll keep you posted!!
elsheppo said…
Hi all, forgot to mention that Stephen was offered the job at Hume. He is trying to negotiate to go up to level C pay rate because he's qualified for that. Mum has her jewelery party tonight (Friday)
and I've got our tennis outing to Beckers Restuarant in Northcote. Stek for me tonight LOL

chalk said…
Go dad, I can't believe you said LOL. Thats cool for stephen, tell him said all that green tea must have worked! (get it? no? good.) We are back online trying to oranis train tickets. Hectic. We hope to get an overnight train to nha trang, but it will be spensive as we all can't live without air-conditioning!

gotta run,
mum said…
hi bec paul and claire hope your coping with the hot weather and getting some good use out of your bathers we are off to aulbury today for a 50th birthday sorry about the lack of punctuation and capitals as this has been very stressful typing this message luv mum

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