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Fried Bec, Please

I am so unbelievably sunburnt. Try not to think of the words 'searing' or 'flesh'. And i was attacked by jellyfish,just to add to my wardrobe of pain. GArjhsefh;diufhAJhf!@^%@$%^#. I have about ten minute intervals between drawing everyone's attention to my hurt. They are becoming used to my scheduale and saying 'poor bec' before i can get in there with my complaints.

So yeah, the glowing embers of my skin and the patterned welts all over my legs are the results of today' boat tour and yesterdays tragic sunblock purchase.

Paul got jellyfished the worst and he's very proud of his little red dotted lines. They are quite impressive.

Anyway, booking lady told me no trains to denang and she was too scary to argue with so we have three tickets to Hoi An via an air-conditioned tour bus. TOUR bus. That means we wont get to have amusing misunderstandings with the locals. Just dangerous ones with the germans. ...Anyway, we leave thursday at 7pm, ride all night and arrive somewhere in Hoi An (I'm yet to ask where) at about 10am. Assuming it is a decent bus.

We went to a seafood kinda restaurant last night and were horrified and insulted when we weren't given chopsticks or bowls. WTF!? Then they bring out our dishes and place them right in front of each of us as if we're going to eat the whole thing by ourselves. with a fork! Then they don't give us rice even though we ordered it. We are total snobs now, and when we see tourists ignoring their bowls and the communal values of a vietnamese meal, we say BAH! Look at those humans and their pathetic ways. ...Yeah anyway, when we asked for bowls our waiter guy was thrilled and very proud of us. THEN we had the best desert ever in the history of man. It was black sticky rice next to grilled mango with coconut sauce and so delicious i'm trying to talk the guys into going back there just for the dessert. Maybe if we get it with coffee they'll forgive us for going straight to the sweets.

Anyhoo, i think we'll chill out on the beach for our last day in nha trang.

Alrighty, see youse all in Hoi An, unless we get bored killing time tomorrow,
Nha Trang


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