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The first annual Permethrin festival

So begins the task of cleaning the house so it can be left in a reasonable state, and attempting to weasel out of my last shift at work to create just a little more preparation time. It doesn't help that I slept insanely late today. I'm just looking at it as premature jetlag. In fact, I'll probably already be in sync with the clocks over there.
This weekend we're going to hold the first annual Mass-Permethrin festival in which we get all the clothing that we're taking with us and wash it in poison. This will kill any mosquitos that land on us. As well as that we've got non-scented deoderant and copious ammounts of tropical strength repellant with that mysterious ingredient 'DEET' that I know nothing about, but apparently we need it.
I just realised that I'm not going to be with my music collection for a whole month, I won't have a DVD player to watch, and my PC is going to be collecting dust. This country better be rich in culture, because I'm going to need plenty of distractions to keep me occupied without my 'media'. At least I can bring a couple of books for the long train rides and I'll get a big ol' sketch book. I've also managed to procure a video camera for the duration of the trip. Bec has her Digital SLR too. We'll basically be recording the entire trip in every possible way, which is going to take up a lot of time. So I guess it's a good thing that I won't be able to waste hours on the internet, or playing Half Life 2.
One thing is certain though. By the time we return, I'm going to be in total withdrawl mode and I may go crazy once I get my computer back.

- Paul


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