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This entry is going to be our makeshift guestbook. Feel free to leave a comment.

- Paul


liam said…
um.. u guys have gone away
shows how much weve caught up lately :P woops
hope u guys have mad fun, and drink some strange drink that turns ur world upside down (they always have something like that in the movies:P)
cheers guys, ahve fun
liam xox
Anonymous said…
Hi there, this is from elle.
Glad to hear you are all ok and enjoying the kaos. and ditto to drinking the strange drink liam suggested!!
Looking forward to reading lots more stories.
Anonymous said…
tell us about the food...Simon
Anonymous said…
elle again,
Paul, my friend who is an art director has seen your blog/s, and says you should go to design school! She said you are very talented.. :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi guys
Mum thinks all this stuff is real hard so is not sure waht to do. Sufficient to say wow! Good to hear you've arrived. The beauty of another country is not just its monuments,the speccy scenes and countryside, etc, but the colour and life of its people, friendliness. Hope you continue to enjoy the trip, conquer the little stumbles that will be thrown up along the way, absorb it all and have fun
Anonymous said…
Hi folks, this is Grandpa Milligan and Linda Mum. Enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to hearing more of your adventures. Great to hear you had so much fun with Peter's rellies, careering araound town etc. How's the noodle-do Paul, perhaps ypu should have had the haircut!! Food sounds fantastic. Hope the swankles are recovering, Claire. Keep having fun you-all!
Peter F. said…
Hi All,

Glad that you all enjoy the experience of visiting Vietnam so far.

Here is a good site that offers some info on things/places/history in Vietnam you may find useful:

I was boarding in a seminary in Nha Trang for two years. It's located on a beautiful beach where you may visit. It has now been turned into a Vietnamese Maritime University, i believe.

Enjoy your visit.

Andy said…
Ahoj guys,

Sounds like you're having a blast. Like BLAMMO wow i'm in Vietnam. Kaos is the most fun because you don't know what's happening next and you get to do crazy and exciting things.
Have you hung out with any mountain tribes yet?

Andy (from Prague)
elle said…
hehehehehe @ the afro!
Anonymous said…
apparently there are demands for Market DVDs from carolyn & karl..

You MUST purchase

'Walk the line'
'the family stone'
'in her shoes'
'the break up'
'failure to launch'
'fun with dick and jane'

if you dont they will put powders in your luggage!!! possibly!
Anonymous said…
Hi guys, Linda Mac here. Enjoy Hanoi and surrounds. Hope your leg is improving, Claire. Good luck with iPod and photos, Bec. We're looking forward to seeing more when you return. Enjoy your visit with Plan, I guess that will be happening soon, Paul. Relax and expore and have fun. Love from Linda and Peter C
Jess De Agelis said…
Hmm... I hope this works as I'm in NZ at a dodgy internet cafe (I feel your pain!)and only have 10 minutes left. Great to see your site and hear what your up to. Keep it up! NZ is lovely, but cold, can't wait to go skiing. Have to catch up with you Bec when you get back, I wanna see all your photos. You can do one of those boring slide shows where we all sit around and pretend we are interested and clap and cheer. Except I do care :) Take care the three of you. Luv Jess D xox. (Fellow CLCian.)

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